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I’ve Fallen In Love

Well, I can’t exactly say Love when it’s more like Lust. Lust Is what I feel when I’m waiting for another one to arrive at my doorstep. This addiction has occupied my mind. Big ones, little ones. It doesn’t matter and I can’t wait to see what’s inside. Yes, I’m talking about boxes. Subscription boxes and I just can’t seem to get enough.

This addiction all started in April 2016 with my first Birchbox. This beautiful box was designed by Rifle Paper Co and the contents inside were five wonderful samples of products from companies I more than likely never heard of before.

Perfect for trying new products, travel, and to add to your purse for on the go. If you’re not familiar with Birchbox, it’s a subscription service of beauty products for hair, skin, nails and sometimes nutrition. When signing up, you fill out a profile so they can taylor samples geared more towards the unique you.  The cost is $10.00/month which auto renews on the first of every month. You can cancel at anytime if you like and subscribe again whenever you like. Also, Birchbox allows you to review your samples to earn Birchbox points which you can use as money to buy full size products in their store.

Here’s a photo of my beautiful first box that arrived in April. The products inside are sample sizes of the photos seen and each box is tailored to your profile.

This first box I received sits on top of my dresser with some trinkets inside. I’ve repurpose all of my boxes or give them to my niece with items inside that I won’t have a use for. I also use my boxes to store my coveted Essential Oils.

If you’re a Birchbox subscriber, how do you repurpose your boxes?

This subscription is being purchased on my own. And the linked company websites have no part of my review.

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