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The Jewelry Box

Thanks to an email I receive on a daily basis, I get to learn and see reviews of all different kinds of subscription services and the latest I learned about and subscribed too is GlobeIn. Below are photos of the Jewelry Box I purchased and received in July 2016. As of today, this box is still available.

GlobeIn is a monthly subscription service with discounts if you subscribe to three or more months at a time. I’ve purchased the three month option for $114.00. This box I’m featuring is an add on for which I paid $50.00.  Here’s what’s inside…

  • The Duo ring retails for $25.00
  • Token Pendant Necklace $35.00
  • Wave Cuff $32.00
  • Crescent Stud Earrings $25.00
  • Palm Leaf Pouch $12.00
  • Cloth Pouch $?.??

All of which are made from brass and can be worn almost anywhere with anything.  I have very little everyday Jewelry in my box so I’m very happy to now have these items.  I also love the little pouch I can put the jewelry in for travel and a unique handmade basket to keep the items safe and secure. With a grand retail value of $129.00 I’d say $50.00 is quite a deal!
What do you think of my handmade jewelry box? Check out my blog on the first of three boxes I received from GlobeIn Here.

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