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Trunk Club #2 HELP!!

Okay, so this is my 2nd Trunk club Shipment, but this is the first time bogging about it. If your not familiar with Trunk Club, it’s a style service that only charges you for the items you keep. Of course you have to have CC # on hand with them but unlike Stitch Fix, there is no styling fee.

When first signing up I had downloaded the app and my stylist instant messaged me almost immediately. After filling out a style profile on their app, she asked me a few basic questions to get to know more about me. I had let her know that I was in the process of revamping my closet and needed to obtain a lot of fashion staples. She then asked me if I had ever shopped at Nordstrom before and I answered very casually that “I never shop any particular place and I wasn’t sure” she then asked about my price point and I told her that I would like to keep items under $100 and I guess according to girl math this must mean $200.00 because, WOW! The items I received (most) were far over $100 bucks!

My First Trunk

In my first trunk, I received a lot of basics. Basic blacks, basic whites, booties, denims, jacket, tote, a bra and a $90.00 5 pack of thong underwear. I ended up keeping a navy tank and a black V neck Tee totaling $42.00. Much more then what I would spend on those items but hey, I loved them. In fact, that is how I rate the clothing I receive from styling services like Trunk Club, I either Hate, Like, or Love and I only consider the items I love.  I also don’t look at the prices of the pieces until after I’ve tried everything on.

Trunk #2

Now on to my 2nd Trunk. Here are the items I received. AND, I must say, significantly fewer items then my first.

Here’s Ranger checking out the box for me.

After his approval, I opened it up and found these items inside.

I loved these booties. The color, and the fit but I didn’t love the a$130.00 price tag. UPDATE:  I found booties very similar to these Here for $44.99 in size 7.5.  These booties will be found somewhere else for cheaper. Next,  And…a fall tote along with one bundle of clothes. I must say that my first box had two pair of shoes, a tote and two bundles of clothes.

And now for the Fashion show…


FRAME ‘Le Skinny de Jeanne’ Jeans Queensway. I Love, Love, Love these Jeans! BUT… $ 199.00. Really?? A hundred ninety-nine for a pair of denim? These jeans had me thinking about it, that’s for sure. NOT SURE (Let me fantasize for just a moment)

‘Cara’ Slub V Neck Tee in white $78.00. (My boobs look cute from this angle) The fabric on this shirt was sooo soft and I really wanted to love it, but when I turned around to look at the back…way too many bumps are showing. I like my tops to fit loose until I reach my weight goals and this fabric was too clingy in the back. RETURN!

Next, pic #3 & 4. MA1 Bomber Jacket $100.00. A. Not my style B. I believe if it was my style I can find something similar for less. C. It fit perfect. D. No way…Ehh! RETURN.

Finally, Besides the tote and two other items you won’t ever see me in. I received a Ballet Neck Cotton & Modal Knit Elbow Sleeve shirt $26.00. Now this might be the keeper and this shirt looked so good with those jeans… So sliming.

Next the items I won’t try on for you

While we all need a nude and black bra, I recently received an order from which I received a nude and black bra. Verdict: TOO LATE!

Overall, my stylist rocks and she couldn’t  of hit the nail on the head any perfect, however, the two items I loved ( the booties and the jeans ) totals a whopping $328.95! PASS!

The moral of the story is, “if you book them, they will come” and, my dear folks, I shouldn’t of booked them when my clothing budget has been maxed. I’ll try again in the Fall.

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