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August Birchbox Time

It’s here, it’s here! I tell you what, this month I was super excited to receive my Birchbox and I knew exactly what was inside.  Birchbox was all about hair and more hair this month and it couldn’t of come at a better time since I’m currently looking for a leave-in and an oil that I will love for at least a little bit. On top of this months box I’ve chosen the Kinky Curly hair kit so that I can give even more products a try before purchasing full size. 

Birchbox is a subscription service that cost $10.00/month and auto renews until you cancel. They send five sample items ranging from nutrition, hair care, skin care, makeup and nails. Check out my very first Birchbox from April 2016 Here.  

Here’s my cool August box

This month I selected a featured box that included six products.

First the wipes. I love these facial and body wipes like I’ve never loved a facial wipe before, plus a 12 count for sample size was quite nice. My face felt clean, moisturized and there wasn’t a dry yet sticky felling left behind like I’ve experience with so many other facial wipes before. 

Next, Living Proof nourishing hair oil. The scent of this product was soft and not overly perfumey. My hair is curly and dry so I can always use more oil and moisture. This may be a full size purchase through the Birchbox store when this sample is gone. 

With three more products to go in this months featured Birchbox, I received another hair product that I was excited about. This is a spray leave-in with an amazing scent however after the first try on my hair, my scalp became itchy. This is because of my skin and scalp’s over sensitivity to heavy scented products and whatever else ingredient that seems to irritate me. This sample I will be passing along. 

Next is a nutritional supplement from Hum.  This green superfood powder tasted like Mint Chocolate Chip like the package indicates and I was pleasantly surprised as I’m not a fan of powdered nutritional supplements. 

On to the BB cream. I really liked this formula as it didn’t feel heavy on my face. The coverage was lacking for me and slightly dark for my skin tone however not near as dark as I thought it was going to be when initially squeezing it from the tube. Probably not a future purchase but I enjoyed this sample. 

Lastly, I received lip color from Stila. I was surprised how matte this became once drying on my lips. I will need to apply a moisture lip balm before using this product but I give the color and staying power two thumbs up. Nice size sample too. 

That’s it for my August Birchbox and I’m now in the process of deciding if I want the September featured box like this one where I knew all items I will be receiving or to chose to be surprised. Birchbox also has a third option where you get to chose one product and they select the other four. What will you be choosing as your September box? 


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