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Feedback to Stitch Fix

This post demonstrates how Stitch Fix obtains feedback on the items they send. The process is simple and helps improve future fixes.

A little known secret is to click begin checkout to view what’s arriving in your Fix

Shirt # 1 Feedback. 41 Hawthorn Meera Split neck top. This print will be the first of its kind to enter my closet as I’ve never owned an animal print in my life. Perfect for fall, and seems to pairs well with denim of many shades and also will work out perfectly with a fall jacket since its sleeveless. This shirt also looks great with the teal skinny jeans from KFTK (below) and I plan to also pair this shirt with black leggings.

Shirt #2

The 41Hawthorn Knit top wasn’t a winner for me but due to fit, but that’s okay. No lose. Now onto Shirt # 3.  Renee C plaid top: Exchanging for a smaller size. I’m hoping I have success with exchanging this top because it looked amazing with the teal colored skinny jeans my stylist sent me. Also, it was so easy to ask for a size exchange during checkout which I believe is a new feature to the Stitch Fix app.

Next, the colored skinny jean

I love, love, love teal and never owned a pant or Jean in this color ever.

One more item. The booties. Oh, these booties. I now know that this cut of booties is not for me. And yes, they are very expensive for my taste but ya gotta give a good boot a try. I’m now searching for booties all over the place for much, much less. Like these Here.

Then lastly, Stitch fix asks for you to rate your experience with this shipment.

So there you have it! A demo of Stitch Fix check out process:) of course you have to have a CC card on hand with them and all I have to do is place my unwanted items in a postage paid bag and set in my mailbox for USPS to pick up. Stitch Fix allows you to keep items for 3 days before you have to checkout. Also, they charge a $20.00 styling fee that is credited to you if you purchase at least one item. If you keep all five, a 25% discount will be applied to your order.

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