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Amazon Has a Sample Box for Dogs!

Dog Food and Treats Sample Box, 7 or more samples ($9.99 credit with purchase)

Here’s Ranger loving up one of the full sized samples. We have his approval to buy more. 

And with my $9.99 credit we bought him this:

We received a one serving sample in his box and he loved it enough to let me know he wanted more. Plus, I love the amount of protein this dog food contains. 

Here’s a closer look at the food he was gobbling up

My cat, Athena, was trying to get her paws into it also. Well, I believe she succeeded because she sure was licking her chops right after I took the photo. Don’t worry. I don’t feed my cats dog food, but they sure do get interested every now and then. 

I ordered this sample box twice already and am thinking about a third. You only get the credit one time for $9.99, This box is a deal! Get yours while they last!

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