Striking Gold on eBay

If you read my post on my second Trunk Club shipment, I mention the $199.00 pair of Frame Jeans that I fell in love with but sadly returned because of cost.  Crazy, I know, but although I loved these jeans and how slimming they were when I put them on, the amount they wanted for them is way outside my clothing budget.

So, a hunt began…

Since returning the Frame jeans, I went on a hunt to find them much cheaper and I struck gold.  I looked every where online; Zulily, Google search, Buy/Sell/Trade forums, you name it then I found them on eBay, new, authentic and in perfect condition for 39.95. Needless to say, I bought them and just received them in the mail this past week. They were perfect, and just as described by the seller.  I will tell you though, I was sceptical about the authenticity of these jeans but there’s a way to tell with Frame jeans by the stitching and there was even a little F stitched on the outer thigh as Frame jeans are known for.  Theses jeans were authentic and I was very pleased to say the least.  You can find more deals from this seller Here.

I’m so pleased with my find, I just had to tell everyone about this experience. Also, with buying from eBay, I feel confident with my purchases using PayPal.

Do you have any ebay stories to share? I would love to hear them because I am new to this buying and selling website. I tried to love eBay before but got hung up on the shipping cost. I think I’ve figured it out however I believe there has to be a cheaper way to ship.

Published by Suzanne M. Kyle

Wife of a Soldier, Mother of a Sailor, and Mother of a senior (soon to be graduate) in High School. I also have 3 furry children including one rescue dog, and two cats. I'm a subscription addict by day, home health nurse by night, and oily person by day and night.

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