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FabFitFun Fall Edition Review

This box is my absolute favorite. In fact, after using up some points on other subscriptions, I plan to just keep this for a nice touch of fashion and beauty on a quarterly basis. This fabulous box cost $49.00 every three months with an option to buy a full year at $179.00. If you buy for the year, you automatically get put on VIP status and you get the benefit of choosing a few of your items – totally optional for those of you who love to be surprised. 

Disclaimer: I pay for this subscription on my own and this post contains affiliate and referral links. 

Let’s look at what’s inside this box then come back to the interest design on the outside.

And there’s a lot more underneath those items you see in the picture above.  I’ll talk about all the goodies individually. 

  • The Scarf.  MODCLOTH LOCH AND KEY SCARF— $34.99

This thing is huge, but it is a blanket scarf measuring 55″x 55″. This was one of the items I was able to choose the pattern I wanted with my VIP status on a yearly subscription. Retail value for this blanket scarf is $34.99. A neat tip for this scarf as per FabFitFun’s pamphlet is to “wear the scarf on a plane and use it if you get cold” I love that idea and even though I won’t be on a plane I will use this when traveling. 

I found a very similar blanket scarf on Amazon on sale from $18.99 to $9.99 plus free shipping. The dimensions for the scarf I found is 56″x56″.


This item was a choice between two inspirational quotes. I chose the “good morning gorgeous” quote and the other choice was “joy comes in the morning”.  According to the pamphlet, The Created Co donates 10% of profits to charity so sip away! 


These are cute and I can see wearing them with flip flops this fall. You now what “they” say, “if you aren’t wearing flip flops, you’re overdressed” lol. A great tip I read from product pamphlet is to wear these while getting a pedicure “to keep your feet warm and avoid smudging” Thanks FabFitFun! 

  • THE BROWGAL Clear, Water-resistant Eyebrow Gel—$20.00

This product claims to seal your pencils and powders for staying power on your brows and I agree. I kept in on for over 8 hours before washing my face and I know this brow gel wasn’t ready to quit if I would have given it more time. Pamphlet tip: “Sweep from the end of your brow toward your nose to coat every follicle and add volume. Then brush from the inside to the outside to tame.”


I’ve loved adult coloring books since my oldest son bought me one for the holidays last year. Isn’t that funny? My son buying me a coloring book! Coloring is so relaxing and if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend. The illustrations inside this book alone are beautiful and as an added bonus, the Fall box itself is also all ready for your creative touches (see first photo above).


This oil smells amazing and I know my fair share of stinky lavender oils. I use this as a moisturizer for my legs and arms and it’s not greasy or overly scented. Both a big plus for me. Pamphlet recommends to add a small amount into your bath to “enjoy the aromatherapy benefits.” 

This list goes on which I love about receiving these boxes.


This exfoliant and cleansing buffer smells lovely. It’s hypoallergenic and the “lather is made with extracts of Yuzu, Eldelweiss, and Vetiver.”

  • PURE COSMETICS Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette—$50.00

I’ve read some displeasure about receiving this product because it’s too close to the Naked palette by Urban Decay. I on the other hand was thrilled to receive this because I didn’t have a palette even close to the colors this one has to offer. Plus, I barely wear makeup as it is so when I do, I like it to look as natural as possible. 


I love this night serum and it doesn’t feel drying like I’ve experienced with serums in the past. Containing “antioxidants, vitamins, natural extracts, and amino acids” the product is appropriately named. 

And lastly, this box contained two sponsored items that are extras and are not calculated into the value of the box. Perfect for my nursing bag that helps with some of my extended work shifts.

And That’s it! What a deal for the price of this box and I can’t wait for the winter box. Do you receive FabFitFun subscription boxes? I think the value for your money is fabulous and the items are much more useful to me compared to other lifestyle boxes. 

Here’s a YouTube video of my unboxing. Say hi while you’re there so I can return the love! FabFitFun Unboxing

Get your own Here and enjoy 20% off your first box! 


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