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Once Upon a Bookcase October 2016

October 2016 Once Upon a Bookcase Halloween themed Cellphone case and gifts for $26.00/month.  The theme for October, I believe, is Wicked Son of a Witch with Elphaba Wicked’s necklace, scarf and a pen to write spells.

I’m always excited to look inside these boxes that are delivered to me monthly. However I did pause my subscription until February 2017 since I’m not quite sure if I’ll be upgrading my phone in the next couple of months.

This box has definitely put me in the mood for Halloween this year. A green scarf, and look at that necklace! 😍 they match together perfectly, I must say. Above the necklace is the cell phone case, and a pen that looks like a broom. How much more halloweeny can you get 🙂 ?

Here are some closer looks.

And the back of the cell phone case…

My case is designed to fit an iPhone 6 Plus.

What an adorable pen. It writes really nice too.

What a beautiful necklace and look at how the scarf came in the box…

How neat! Next, they send a card with each item listed.

I’ve definitely enjoyed three months of paying for and subscribing to this box, and although I have my subscription paused for the moment, I’m looking forward to picking back up again in February.

Here’s a referral link so that you can get yours.

Hope you enjoy!

~SuzyWineQ xoxo

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