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eSalon Review. Warming my Highlights

Here is a video that shows the eSalon hair color process and the results when I told my stylist that I wanted to warm the highlights I put in my strawberry blonde hair this past spring. Let me know what you think and if you would be brave enough to try this hair color subscription service also.

Love that the instructions comes with a sticker to hang up on your wall or mirror to easily refer to as you color your hair. 

The photo below is my “chemistry” set complete with instructions. There were some add on’s I purchased this time and one add on was the Two of a Kind eyebrow makeup which matched perfectly with my hair. 

More add ons I purchased are pictured below. 

I haven’t used this travel set pictured below so I’m not sure how well it delivers according to description.

Below is a black microfiber hair towel claiming to be bleach and color resistant. I love this towel for the purpose of using it to dry my hair after my showers not just for coloring. 

Loved the clips during my color processing but didn’t use the timer, brush or dish. If you’ve watched my video, you’ll see that I should have. 

Okay, the hair spray below leaves a lot to be desired on both scent and strength of hold. I don’t recommend this product and if this is an indication of the travel set I bought, I won’t be happy with that either. 

Hope you enjoyed this review of eSalon. 

And while I was pleased with the results (pic below) I find coloring my hair at home an experience I can do without. It’s exhausting and messy and I didn’t get my scalp massaged during a good hair washing and conditioning. Yes, it was cheaper by far, but I’d much rather have someone else do this for me where I don’t have anything to clean up after. 


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