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GlobeIn February 2017

I’ve been a GlobeIn Subscription addicted for several months now and while it’s not the cheapest subscription service, I do appreciate what I’ve been receiving. For February, I’ve chosen the theme Love. 

Starting March 1st, GlobeIn now lets you choose from two different themes or you can also choose to receive a previous months theme as available. 

Let’s get started. 

Each month you receive handmade items from Artisans around the world. The box cost about $40.00 a month with discounts for three, six, and twelve month subscriptions. 

In addition to what’s pictured above, I received two hand Blown wine glass. Cost is pictured below. These wine glasses are big and they are sturdy.  I’m excited to have them and may be adding two more to this collection. 

Here’s a photo from Globe In site. 

Next, is a handmade Soapstone Word Heart made in Kenya.  $5.00  According to the booklet I received, “Soapstone is a soft rock, popular in sculpture for its ability to be molded into various and complex shapes.” I believe this is a mid sized soap stone they are currently offering but I think it’s quite big, on the heavy side and not soft at all to the touch. I’m glad I received this item and will use this as a decorative piece either in my bedroom or my kitchen. My two favorite rooms 🙂 

Soapstone Tray 4″x 4″.  Also made in Kenya. Globe In Love booklet states that carving is a male dominated realm but the dishes were made by a woman named Rose.  This dish retails for $10.00 and is currently sold out. As a very solid decorative tray, I’m excited about placing this in my living room close to the main entrance door as a catch all. 

Next in my box are two Shibori Napkins.  Shibori is an ancient technique of stitching, binding and folding creating beautiful geometric patterns.  This Tie-dye adds interesting character and are quite the conversational pieces for your kitchen table. I plan to purchase wooden napkin holders to place around them. 

Lastly is the basket I received. Each month you receive a handmade basket and I’ve repurposed them and given them as gifts. This months basket was actually a bowl.  It’s the Palm Leaf Heart Bowl made in Oaxaca, Mexico. $10.00

There’s my February Globe In subscription box retailing at $69.00.  That’s pretty good even if you go month to month and purchase the boxes at $40.00. And wait! I have two more items to show you. My Add-on’s for February and I love the both. 

First a decorative piece for my bedroom. A handmade dream catcher. Made by a craftswoman in Rwanda, this dream catcher is made from carefully woven dyed sisal fibers and sweet grass. ? Price. I just can’t find this on their website shopping page right now. By the way, it’s big measuring approximately 18″-24″ inches long and ~ 8″ wide. I don’t have a measuring tool and when I see this again on their page, I will update. 

Plus, a set of two organic cotton scrubbing cloths.  Hand knitted in India  $10.00.

Are you a Globe In subscriber? If so, what’s your favorite part about this subscription service? Here’s a link to get yours.

* This post contains affiliate links so you can get your hands on one of these boxes too and I can receive a small benefit from referring you. I paid for this box on my own. 

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