Essential Oils

Day One:  My Journey into Essential Oils

Day one

I did it. I took the plunge and signed up with an essential oil company. After using essential oils for approximately eight months, researching, sniffing, and smelling, comparing, reading, watching videos, I’m ready. Believe me, by no means will I come off as a self proclaimed expert, but I want to share my journey so far with you and why I decided to bring essential oils into my life. I also want to share why I’m choosing one company while still researching other companies and the oils they produce, or buy and sell. 

The Dirty Laundry

For many years, I’ve looked into alternatives to all the chemicals we expose our bodies, homes, pets and the air we breath. Little by little I’ve worked on eliminating these chemicals by first buying plant based laundry detergent from the “organic” section of my local grocery store. My skin and my children’s skin seemed to be sensitive to the heavily perfumed detergents so I began looking for detergents without perfumes and labeled for sensitive skin. Those detergents, while seemingly helped our sensitivity, still were laden with chemicals. Enter plant based detergents and the money it took to purchase them. There has to be a cheaper way that I can wash my clothes and still have fresh clean scented laundry. 

My First Oil

With the desperation of finding a plant based detergent “free and clear” of perfumes, yet smelled fresh, I again went to the organic section of the grocery store to check out their essential oils. This is where I bought my first essential oil and I chose lavender. With the bright idea of adding a few drops to the washing machine with my new expensive unscented laundry detergent, this oil smelled worse than the dirty laundry I was washing. Oh, I used it though, that one time, then the bottle sat for several months until I had another bright idea. 

Natural Hair Refresher

My next bright idea actually came from a book I read about how to refresh your hair when your a curly girl and need to stretch your hair washing out as long as possible. Enter 10 drops of grocery store lavender and distilled water. The idea was great and so was the concept but not the scent. This oil was rank and it was shelved again, forever writing off lavender essential oil.

As time went on, I’ve smelled lavender essential oil from other companies and I’ve come to the conclusion that lavender is just not for me. I’ve also pretty much written off bring oils into my life. I know, that’s steep from just one bad oil but I really didn’t know much about them to even care about doing research. 

In the mean time, I had joined a few Facebook forums who had women that were suffering from chronic pain due to a few specific diseases and disorders as I suffer from chronic pain myself. After belonging to these groups and reading files and post, I was surprised at how many times I heard essential oils brought up. There wasn’t any mention of specific companies these oils came from, but there was mentioning on how they were being used, even recipes, to help several women with wellness, pain management, and hormone balancing. Please don’t take me wrong, I am not saying that essential oils will help with all the mentioned ailments, but I have tried several of the oils in the past months to help with both wellness and pain management. No different then buying a pain cream at the store, you can make your own using essential oils, some shea butter, along with a few other ingredients of your choice. While initially the cost may be greater to obtain your supplies, it pays off in the end and you will know every single ingredient you are putting on your body. 

Coming Soon: My sister joins an essential oil company, and I like it. 


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