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Once Upon a Book Club Review

I seem to have fallen behind on a lot of my subscription reviews but I’d still woul like to share them with you nonetheless. 

This review is of a book club that I joined that sends paperback books for you to read along with gifts to open as you reach certain points within the story. 

I love this idea and it truly helps bring the story even more alive outside your imagination. The gifts are delightful and have served as interesting decorative pieces in addition to a few things you could wear. 

Once Upon a Bookcase is a subscription service through Cratejoy and is curated by Chicklitdesigns. 

The cost is $34.99 a month with discounts for longer subscriptions. It is also easy to cancel or skip the month right from their website. Also, you can opt to receive a one-time box if you wish.

Even the box everything comes in is neat. Let’s look inside. 

We want the reader to feel like they are living in the book. To experience the story first hand. 

As the reader finds themselves engrossed in the book, each gift is specifically designed to match what is written.

And now a look into the gifts that aren’t to be opened until you’ve reached the page with the marker prompting you when it’s time. Also, included is a card of discussion questions you can chose to participate in on Instagram. How cool is that? 


Above and Below is the poster that came wrapped up with a hair tie that has become one of my favorites. 

Below are a few photo of the working clock I received that’s seems to be of a decent quality.   This has to be one of my favorite items I’ve received in a subscription service. 

And lastly an empty cigar box I am able to repurpose and adds a neat little decorative piece to my bedroom. 

You talk about escaping into a book. This was definitely a fun experience and I’ve received this box one more time due to the exciting details this service has to offer. 

I paid for this box on my own and the below link is a link straight to their website and is not a referral or affiliated link.  You can also find them on any of the social medias.

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