Once Upon a Bookcase Review

For those of you who done know about Once Upon a Bookcase from Cratejoy, this is a subscription service that sends out cellphone cases themed from books. In this subscription, you not only get a cell phone case customized for your particular phone but you get a few little extra that are themed with thisContinue reading “Once Upon a Bookcase Review”

Once Upon a Bookcase October 2016

October 2016 Once Upon a Bookcase Halloween themed Cellphone case and gifts for $26.00/month.  The theme for October, I believe, is Wicked Son of a Witch with Elphaba Wicked’s necklace, scarf and a pen to write spells. I’m always excited to look inside these boxes that are delivered to me monthly. However I did pauseContinue reading “Once Upon a Bookcase October 2016”

Review of September 2016 Once Upon a Bookcase

September 2016 Once Upon a Bookcase Review.  The Cost: $26.00\month with discounts for extended subscriptions. Includes a book themed cellphone case with slots to hold bank cards, plus you receive 2-4 gift items. Cancel anytime. Restrictions on refunds are timing based.  Themes include Girly Girl, Manly Man, and Anything & Everything. The first month ofContinue reading “Review of September 2016 Once Upon a Bookcase”