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Stay Tuned

After a really long hiatus, Iā€™m back and will be adding new content as soon as possible around my full-time job as a nurse. So please stay tuned and go ahead and check out some of my older post.

Dogs & Cats, Essential Oils, Lifestyle

Young Living’s ParagizeĀ 

I received my 3rd Essential Rewards shipment yesterday and the oil I'm most excited about is From the Young Living Animal Scents Collection. I wanted this oil mostly for my 9 year old cat who has digestive issues.   To use this I applied one drop on the my hands, rubbed them together, gave my… Continue reading Young Living’s ParagizeĀ 

Dogs & Cats, Lifestyle

Amazon Has a Sample Box for Dogs!

Dog Food and Treats Sample Box, 7 or more samples ($9.99 credit with purchase) Here's Ranger loving up one of the full sized samples. We have his approval to buy more.  And with my $9.99 credit we bought him this: We received a one serving sample in his box and he loved it enough to… Continue reading Amazon Has a Sample Box for Dogs!