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Stay Tuned

After a really long hiatus, Iā€™m back and will be adding new content as soon as possible around my full-time job as a nurse. So please stay tuned and go ahead and check out some of my older post.

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Stitch Fix Spring 2017

Come and Check out my Spring 2017 Stitch Fix.

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Stitch Fix September Unboxing and Try On

Hope you like my unboxing from Stitch Fix. This is my transition to fall Fix and I loved everything!

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Nadine West Unboxing and Review

This video is my second shipment from Nadine West in August 2016. Hope you enjoy!

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From the Kitchen

In February 2016, I jumped on the bandwagon of subscription meal services in a desperate attempt to eat healthier and shed some unwanted pounds. My intake of fresh vegetables was null and with suffering from chronic fatigue, endometriosis and IBS I felt horrible all the time. I could barely work a full time job and… Continue reading From the Kitchen

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Feedback to Stitch Fix

This post demonstrates how Stitch Fix obtains feedback on the items they send. The process is simple and helps improve future fixes. A little known secret is to click begin checkout to view what's arriving in your Fix Shirt # 1 Feedback. 41 Hawthorn Meera Split neck top. This print will be the first of… Continue reading Feedback to Stitch Fix

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August Birchbox Time

It's here, it's here! I tell you what, this month I was super excited to receive my Birchbox and I knew exactly what was inside.  Birchbox was all about hair and more hair this month and it couldn't of come at a better time since I'm currently looking for a leave-in and an oil that… Continue reading August Birchbox Time

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Trunk Club #2 HELP!!

Okay, so this is my 2nd Trunk club Shipment, but this is the first time bogging about it. If your not familiar with Trunk Club, it's a style service that only charges you for the items you keep. Of course you have to have CC # on hand with them but unlike Stitch Fix, there… Continue reading Trunk Club #2 HELP!!

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The Jewelry Box

Thanks to an email I receive on a daily basis, I get to learn and see reviews of all different kinds of subscription services and the latest I learned about and subscribed too is GlobeIn. Below are photos of the Jewelry Box I purchased and received in July 2016. As of today, this box is still… Continue reading The Jewelry Box

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GlobeIn July Savour Box

July Savour Globe In In case your not familiar with GlobeIn this is a subscription service of Artisan products released each month. Themed collections include 4-5 handcrafted items, specially created by artisans from around the world. Each item comes along with a printed story about the artisan who made it. Their goal is to "help you… Continue reading GlobeIn July Savour Box