Trauma Life Essential Oil

By Young Living

From the Young Living website:  Trauma Life is a natural blend of pure Sandlewood, Helichrysum, Rose, and other essential oils designed to offer support during emotional exploration.  

A look at the blend more closely:  Ingredients 

Santalum paniculatum (Royal Hawaiian sandlewood) This sensual oil has a sweet and woody aroma and is valued for its uplifting and relaxing benefits. 

Boswellia carterii (Frankincense) An earthy aroma used for grounding and spiritual connectedness.  

Valeriana officinalis root oil (Valerian) A unique aroma that is both calming and grounding.  As a side note, I believe this ingredient in the blend is why my cats love being in the room with me while I’m diffusing Trauma Life. A very interesting oil to research on PubMed 

Picea mariana (Black spruce) leaf oil.  Described as woodsy and invigorating and creates a fresh aromatic atmosphere during meditation.  I’ve heard many great things about the aroma of this oil and can’t wait for it to arrive in my next Rewards shipment. 

Artemisia pallens (Davana) flower oil. I’m not 100% sure, but I think this Oil is not sold individually by Young Living, but back when I was checking out other companies, I received this Oil for free and the scent was not a pleasing one.  I understand that there may be many factors as to why, and not every Young Living Oil is pleasing to my olfactory system.  Any insight into this oil by you would be helpful.  I did read a few medicinal claims though. 

Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) oil.  Oh, how I’ve fallen in love with Lavender and any blend this Oil is in.  

Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium) flower oil- An uplifting yet calming scent helps release negative memories. 

Helichrysum italicum flower oil- known for providing excellent support to the nervous system

Citrus hystrix (Kaffir lime) leaf extract.  This is one to google, my friends.  Known for cleansing. 

Rosa damascene (Rose) flower oil- creates a sense of well-being and is stimulating and uplifting.

What an intensive amount and choice for an essential oil blend.  I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t attracted to this oil at first when I opened the bottle, but after diffusing it a few times, it’s moved way up on my list of favorite blends. I’ve learned though, that when inhaling Blends straight from the bottle, your senses pick up the top notes leaving out the middle and the base.  Diffusing is a must. 

One of the most impressive aspects of Young Living is the blends that Dr. Gary Young creates.  This is his life and the Seed to Seal promise assures me that I am getting essential oils that are the purest of pure. 

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Diffuser Blend

This smells amazing in my diffuser this morning.  Lavender comes with Young Living’s starter kit and Geranium and orange can be ordered with essential rewards.  Hope you enjoy! Get these essential oils Here

Ipsy April 2017

Here you have it!  April 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag and it’s more fun than ever before.

April 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag

First the bag.  I’m pretty impressed with the quality of this month’s bag and also that it is a clutch. It doesn’t quite fit my iPhone 6 Plus but that’s okay.

In this bag, I received a nail polish duo.  Perfect for me because of the muted colors and this polish glides on so smooth and evenly that my nails just about look like I’ve got them professionally done.  Dries it a jif too!

I’m not especially excited about this next item since I have so many bronzers as it is, but I’m willing to try it.  Plus, it also seems to blend incredibly well.  

A brand I’ve never heard of before and the type of product landed this next item right in my purse and it’s full size!

This next item is labeled a free sample, but hey, why not try some else new? What I do with the sample creams I receive is squirt them into a glass jar I keep at my night stand then add a few drops of essential oil for its therapeutic benefit and to moisturize my feet before bed.  Thanks, Ipsy!

And lastly, I received a full sized drug store eyeliner, which is okay, because it’s another brand I haven’t heard of before.  And since I’m not a black eyeliner wearer, this will be gifted to my niece. 

That’s it for my April 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag.  What did you get? 

Homemade Outdoor Spray Using Essential Oils

The recipe shown below is at 2.5% dilution in a 4 ounce bottle.  This is my second season of using this homemade spray and It works! Also, I like to use Thayer’s Witch Hazel on my skin for this recipe.  Hope you enjoy!!

To get your Young Living Essential Oils at wholesale prices, Click Here

Young Living’s R.C. Essential Oil


Today my nose is feeling a little stuffy and while I spent most of my day yesterday diffusing Thieves Essential Oil, I want to add to my wellness regimen by diffusing this powerful Oil that helps my respiratory care.
I received R.C. in my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living along with eleven other amazing oils I’ve incorporated into my life since receiving my kit in January.

My absolute favorite way to use my oils is to diffuse however another great way to use this Oil is to add a few drops to a 10mL roller bottle along with a carrier oils to help distribute the oil on my neck and chest.  Plus, using roller bottles and a carrier oil helps to make your oils last so much longer.

This Oil is a blend of Spruce, Cypress, and three types of Eucalyptus oils (E. globulus, E. radiata, E. citriodora).

Young Living also suggest to place a few drops in a hot bath or shower and the oil will mix with the steam to help ” invigorate and empower” you.

Here is a short video of my Aria diffuser that came with my Premium Starter Kit diffusing 10 drops of R.C.

If you’ve been thinking of bringing essential oils into your life, I highly suggest you go for it.  Oils are an amazing part of any wellness program to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.  Plus, if you sign up to receive your very own Premium Starter Kit, you will not only receive your oils at wholesale pricing, but you will also have the opportunity to join the essential rewards program where you could receive some of your most wanted oils for free.

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Let’s Talk About Purification 



Strangely enough, Purification was my first Oil I bought when my sister, Michele joined Young Living. Claiming to rid the air of odor, leaving a fresh clean scent, I wanted this oil. At the time, I was cooking quite frequently with fresh onion and garlic, and while I loved the taste of my culinary excursions, my house was left with the scent of my meals for days.

Tired of room sprays that fill the air with toxic chemicals, I bought this oil and my first Diffuser.
To use, I added 7 Drops of Purification to Young Living’s Home diffuser and after about and hour, those cooking odors were gone. I mean, they were gone. The odors weren’t masked and my home was left smelling more fresh then what I did before. This oil is my go to oil for any project I want to clean and freshen.

Purification is an essential oil blend containing Citronella, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Lavandin, and Myrtle and the uses can be endless.
Aside from diffusing to freshen the air, I’ve added this oil to my carpet steam cleaner. I make a spray using distilled water and Purification. My favorite use by far is a homemade carpet freshener and kitty little freshener using one cup of baking soda and 10 Drops of Purification. I mix this combination and add to a shaker. No more kitty litter stink in my home.
Have any ideas you would like to share with me?  I’d love to hear them!

You can find Young Living Essential Oils and diffusers by clicking Here.  You can chose to be a retail customer or receive all your oils at a discount by purchasing the premium starter kit.  No need to sell, ever!

Young Living’s Paragize 

Part of the Animal Scents Collection, this essential oil may help with digestive issues on all animals big or small.
I received my 3rd Essential Rewards shipment yesterday and the oil I’m most excited about is From the Young Living Animal Scents Collection. I wanted this oil mostly for my 9 year old cat who has digestive issues.  
To use this I applied one drop on the my hands, rubbed them together, gave my dog a pet on his belly, then added the remainder of the scent to my cat by petting her belly and sides.  
This oil contains a blend of cumin, fennel, ginger, juniper, lemongrass, patchouli, peppermint, rosemary, spearmint, and tarragon.
The cost of this oil is $14.14 for retail customers or $10.75 for wholesale. This oil can be used on animals as big as horses. You would just adjust the amount of oil to the size of your animal.

If you would like to try this oil on your pets, purchase Here.  

Sharing the Love #1

So lately I’ve been posting about Essential Oils and I have to share with you how much they have been changing my life and my home.  

When I started using essential oils, I did so to move some of the chemicals I’ve been using in my home, out.  I mean when I get to the point where I need to wear thick gloves and a face mask because I can’t stand the scent and the toxic chemicals that filled the same air I am breathing, something needs to be done.  

First off, I want to share with you my replacement for multipurpose cleaner I keep in my kitchen and use throughout my home.  

With my starter kit, which I bought because it has all the oils I need to work toward my chemical free home, I signed up with essential rewards, and chose the Thieves Essential rewards to go with my Premium Starter Kit. 

This kit contains: 

  • one 15mL bottle of Thieves essential oil blend 
  • Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste
  • Thieves Household Cleaner 2 bottles
  • Thieves Mouthwash
  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap 2 bottles
  • Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier 2 bottles (great for you nurses out there!)
  • Thieves Spray 2 bottles

The Thieves Household Cleaner is amazing.  I mix one to two capfuls in a glass spray with water (I use filtered tap water) and you have an extremely effective cleaner for just about anything in your home.  It smells amazing and works amazing.  Plus, it’s all natural! 

Here is a picture of my homemade spray bottle with Thieves Household Cleaner and water.  

Please know that I don’t sell my Essential Oils because I’m having way too much fun with them but I do want to let you know all the ways you can use them.  Essential Oils can be very overwhelming at first but I am here to help if you too decide to bring them into your life.  

My Young Living Essential Oil Projects. Multipurpose Cleaner, Bug Spray for Mosquitoes, Dusting Spray and Room Spray which I like a homemade Febreze.

Check this out! Hear about one woman’s inspirational journey into Young Living Essential Oils. Then click Here to get started. 

Ipsy March 2017

If you’re not familiar with Ipsy, this is a $10.00 a month subscription service of cosmetics, hair products and skin care base on your personal profile. Each month you will also receive a make up back bag. Some of which I’ve loved and some not so much but they often are given to someone who will love them more. 

To me, Ipsy pro’s are trying out new products and sometimes you’ll get a full size. I also love receiving make-up brushes in my bag like I did this month. Also, I do like to switch up my makeup bags in my purse quite often and I use the bags for other purposes too, like carrying around my essential oils. 

Ipsy can’t cons are short for me but they are doozies. First, you can’t just skip the month. You have to cancel the whole subscription before your charged on the first of every month. Sometimes I just don’t want to receive samples and can go without another make-up bag.  Not being able to skip the month easily online is a subscription pet peeve of mine. Second, I like to stick to all natural colors and more often then not a really dark color makes it to my mailbox. 

Let’s move on to this months bag which looked quite neat when I saw pictures of it but up close, I really wasn’t impressed. There’s was a lot of threading hanging from it but on the plus side, I can fit my iPhone 6+ inside and use it for a small purse when I don’t want to use my larger purse. 

The color is a pale pink. Solid on one side and a netting like material on the other. 

Except for the concealer, everything was a repeat offender brand wise. I’m not disappointed though because colors were different and product type was different for the Curl Keeper product. Plus, I love to try new leave-in conditioner. 

Another thing I really liked about this bag was the blending brush. Especially since it states right on the brush that it’s for blending. I would love for all of my brushes to have on them what they are for. 

The eyeshadow color was great for my eye color and if I don’t apply layers of it, I can keep it close to a natural color. 

Next is a bronzer, from the Balm cosmetics that I’ll probably use as an eyeshadow or a blush since I rarely use bronzer or contour, for that matter. 

I love the cover of this packaging. 

On to the concealer.  I was surprised to receive this because with a subscription to Ipsy.  Since mid last year, and my run with Birchbox, I’ve never received a concealer. I have received a few BB and CC creams but not this and the color match was pretty spot on.  

Here a swatch on my hand.

I know this seams more yellow than my skin tone, but it balances out the red on my face perfectly.  That’s it. March 2017 Ipsy review. If you receive Ipsy, what did you get and what do you think of this months bag? 

Interested in Ipsy for yourself? Click on my referral link Here

Once Upon a Book Club Review

I seem to have fallen behind on a lot of my subscription reviews but I’d still woul like to share them with you nonetheless. 

This review is of a book club that I joined that sends paperback books for you to read along with gifts to open as you reach certain points within the story. 

I love this idea and it truly helps bring the story even more alive outside your imagination. The gifts are delightful and have served as interesting decorative pieces in addition to a few things you could wear. 

Once Upon a Bookcase is a subscription service through Cratejoy and is curated by Chicklitdesigns. 

The cost is $34.99 a month with discounts for longer subscriptions. It is also easy to cancel or skip the month right from their website. Also, you can opt to receive a one-time box if you wish.

Even the box everything comes in is neat. Let’s look inside. 

We want the reader to feel like they are living in the book. To experience the story first hand. 

As the reader finds themselves engrossed in the book, each gift is specifically designed to match what is written.

And now a look into the gifts that aren’t to be opened until you’ve reached the page with the marker prompting you when it’s time. Also, included is a card of discussion questions you can chose to participate in on Instagram. How cool is that? 


Above and Below is the poster that came wrapped up with a hair tie that has become one of my favorites. 

Below are a few photo of the working clock I received that’s seems to be of a decent quality.   This has to be one of my favorite items I’ve received in a subscription service. 

And lastly an empty cigar box I am able to repurpose and adds a neat little decorative piece to my bedroom. 

You talk about escaping into a book. This was definitely a fun experience and I’ve received this box one more time due to the exciting details this service has to offer. 

I paid for this box on my own and the below link is a link straight to their website and is not a referral or affiliated link.  You can also find them on any of the social medias.

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