Day One:  My Journey into Essential Oils

Day one

I did it. I took the plunge and signed up with an essential oil company. After using essential oils for approximately eight months, researching, sniffing, and smelling, comparing, reading, watching videos, I’m ready. Believe me, by no means will I come off as a self proclaimed expert, but I want to share my journey so far with you and why I decided to bring essential oils into my life. I also want to share why I’m choosing one company while still researching other companies and the oils they produce, or buy and sell. 

The Dirty Laundry

For many years, I’ve looked into alternatives to all the chemicals we expose our bodies, homes, pets and the air we breath. Little by little I’ve worked on eliminating these chemicals by first buying plant based laundry detergent from the “organic” section of my local grocery store. My skin and my children’s skin seemed to be sensitive to the heavily perfumed detergents so I began looking for detergents without perfumes and labeled for sensitive skin. Those detergents, while seemingly helped our sensitivity, still were laden with chemicals. Enter plant based detergents and the money it took to purchase them. There has to be a cheaper way that I can wash my clothes and still have fresh clean scented laundry. 

My First Oil

With the desperation of finding a plant based detergent “free and clear” of perfumes, yet smelled fresh, I again went to the organic section of the grocery store to check out their essential oils. This is where I bought my first essential oil and I chose lavender. With the bright idea of adding a few drops to the washing machine with my new expensive unscented laundry detergent, this oil smelled worse than the dirty laundry I was washing. Oh, I used it though, that one time, then the bottle sat for several months until I had another bright idea. 

Natural Hair Refresher

My next bright idea actually came from a book I read about how to refresh your hair when your a curly girl and need to stretch your hair washing out as long as possible. Enter 10 drops of grocery store lavender and distilled water. The idea was great and so was the concept but not the scent. This oil was rank and it was shelved again, forever writing off lavender essential oil.

As time went on, I’ve smelled lavender essential oil from other companies and I’ve come to the conclusion that lavender is just not for me. I’ve also pretty much written off bring oils into my life. I know, that’s steep from just one bad oil but I really didn’t know much about them to even care about doing research. 

In the mean time, I had joined a few Facebook forums who had women that were suffering from chronic pain due to a few specific diseases and disorders as I suffer from chronic pain myself. After belonging to these groups and reading files and post, I was surprised at how many times I heard essential oils brought up. There wasn’t any mention of specific companies these oils came from, but there was mentioning on how they were being used, even recipes, to help several women with wellness, pain management, and hormone balancing. Please don’t take me wrong, I am not saying that essential oils will help with all the mentioned ailments, but I have tried several of the oils in the past months to help with both wellness and pain management. No different then buying a pain cream at the store, you can make your own using essential oils, some shea butter, along with a few other ingredients of your choice. While initially the cost may be greater to obtain your supplies, it pays off in the end and you will know every single ingredient you are putting on your body. 

Coming Soon: My sister joins an essential oil company, and I like it. 


Once Upon a Bookcase Review

For those of you who done know about Once Upon a Bookcase from Cratejoy, this is a subscription service that sends out cellphone cases themed from books. In this subscription, you not only get a cell phone case customized for your particular phone but you get a few little extra that are themed with this book that is being used that month. The cost is $26.00 and I believe it’s worth every penny. 

This months theme that I’m reviewing is The Great Gaspy. 

The cell phone case is of great quality and closes with a magnet strip. Open the case and your phone fits perfectly inside plastic casing on one side and on the other side are slots to fit your cards. 

Included with this theme is a beautiful Jeweled headband along with matching earrings and a necklace. 

Once upon a Bookcase features three themes including Girly Girl, Manly Man, and Anything & Everything. 

This subscription is fun and it was nice changing up my cellphone case for a few months, however, for me, it got to be too much and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be upgrading my phone soon.  I do like changing my cases out every now and then and it’s kinda neat when you open the case to look at your phone, it looks as if your reading a little book. 

Do you subscribe to Once Upon a Bookcase through Cratejoy? If so, what has been your favorite theme and little extras you received? 

Here’s my referral link to get started. I paid for this subscription on my own.

GlobeIn February 2017

I’ve been a GlobeIn Subscription addicted for several months now and while it’s not the cheapest subscription service, I do appreciate what I’ve been receiving. For February, I’ve chosen the theme Love. 

Starting March 1st, GlobeIn now lets you choose from two different themes or you can also choose to receive a previous months theme as available. 

Let’s get started. 

Each month you receive handmade items from Artisans around the world. The box cost about $40.00 a month with discounts for three, six, and twelve month subscriptions. 

In addition to what’s pictured above, I received two hand Blown wine glass. Cost is pictured below. These wine glasses are big and they are sturdy.  I’m excited to have them and may be adding two more to this collection. 

Here’s a photo from Globe In site. 

Next, is a handmade Soapstone Word Heart made in Kenya.  $5.00  According to the booklet I received, “Soapstone is a soft rock, popular in sculpture for its ability to be molded into various and complex shapes.” I believe this is a mid sized soap stone they are currently offering but I think it’s quite big, on the heavy side and not soft at all to the touch. I’m glad I received this item and will use this as a decorative piece either in my bedroom or my kitchen. My two favorite rooms 🙂 

Soapstone Tray 4″x 4″.  Also made in Kenya. Globe In Love booklet states that carving is a male dominated realm but the dishes were made by a woman named Rose.  This dish retails for $10.00 and is currently sold out. As a very solid decorative tray, I’m excited about placing this in my living room close to the main entrance door as a catch all. 

Next in my box are two Shibori Napkins.  Shibori is an ancient technique of stitching, binding and folding creating beautiful geometric patterns.  This Tie-dye adds interesting character and are quite the conversational pieces for your kitchen table. I plan to purchase wooden napkin holders to place around them. 

Lastly is the basket I received. Each month you receive a handmade basket and I’ve repurposed them and given them as gifts. This months basket was actually a bowl.  It’s the Palm Leaf Heart Bowl made in Oaxaca, Mexico. $10.00

There’s my February Globe In subscription box retailing at $69.00.  That’s pretty good even if you go month to month and purchase the boxes at $40.00. And wait! I have two more items to show you. My Add-on’s for February and I love the both. 

First a decorative piece for my bedroom. A handmade dream catcher. Made by a craftswoman in Rwanda, this dream catcher is made from carefully woven dyed sisal fibers and sweet grass. ? Price. I just can’t find this on their website shopping page right now. By the way, it’s big measuring approximately 18″-24″ inches long and ~ 8″ wide. I don’t have a measuring tool and when I see this again on their page, I will update. 

Plus, a set of two organic cotton scrubbing cloths.  Hand knitted in India  $10.00.

Are you a Globe In subscriber? If so, what’s your favorite part about this subscription service? Here’s a link to get yours.

* This post contains affiliate links so you can get your hands on one of these boxes too and I can receive a small benefit from referring you. I paid for this box on my own. 

Stitch Fix #14 

Stitch Fix December 2016

I know this is a bit late but here goes.

This Fix I received one pair of denim, a cardigan, two sweaters and a shirt. Loved everything and my stylist Courtney did an awesome job as usual. I have my profile set to casual wear excluding accessories.

Loved the colors in this Fix and everything fit perfectly except the denim but I’m picky and between sizes.

Outfit #1 Tinsel Kamala Skinny Jean in olive $68.00 and the Melanie K Lancey V Neck Pullover in an emeral green color $64.00

The pullover was so soft and comfortable plus it fit me well – Kept. The denim jean was very comfortable also and the length was perfect for my 5’2″ frame but the were too loose on me in wierd places – Returned.

Here’s a rear view

Outfit #2. Using the same skinny jeans, I tried on the Collective Concepts Pagan Crochet Detail Blouse in Brown $68. I loved this top but I wouldn’t have opportunities to wear it as I already have two fall/winter blouses that are good enough for me. My wardrobe consist mostly of medical scrubs – Returned.


Outfit #3 using the same denim, I’m wearing Skies Are Blue Caspian Scallops Trim Cardigan in Burgundy – $68.00. I’ve been wanting a burgundy cardigan and I loved the detail and the softness of this one – Kept.

And lastly, outfit #4.  This is the Loveappella Percy Drawstring Hem Knit Sweatshirt $58.00.

Who wouldn’t want a stylish not so basic sweatshirt? I picture wearing this with a pair of my favorite dark blue denim so I Kept.

What do you think of my December Stitch Fix? Are you as addicted as I am?

Get Yours Here!

* I paid for this Fix and I paid for the items I kept. The above add is an affiliate link and if you click on it, sign up, and schedule your first Fix, I will receive a $25.00 referral credit. So will you if you also refer others to Stitch Fix. Enjoy!

My Ode To

Frankincense Resin

I don’t care where you get it but you must know. Yes, I signed up with Young Living and I will give you my member number but you have to know about this. 

I’m a home health nurse and lately most of my kiddo’s have been sick. The flu is going around this time of year and so is the intestinal virus. Yes, they are two separate viruses. This year I’ve decided not to get the flu shot and here’s why. 

I’m a skeptic when it comes to alternative therapies so I’ve tried essential oils to try and make hog wash out of them and boy was I wrong. 

When my first client came up with flu symptoms, I’ve already had on hand a synergy formula in a roller bottle that I made a few weeks before and it was called immune boost. Sorry, I don’t know off hand all of the ingredients but I applied this like a perfume to my wrist and to my neck. Right around where I know some of my lymph nodes are. Also, when I came home I decides to to burn frankincense resin. 

This gives off the scent of frankincense of course and I usually burn the resin for 15- 20 minutes. 

Well, after a week went by I realized that I’ve never got sick and while I can’t exactly say this is the reason, I can tell you that after doing those two things before and after my work schedule, I never got sick. 

Well, one day I started slacking off and I started to feel symptoms of the intestinal virus. Mostly nausea, but it was at the point that I didn’t want to eat. So I Burnt more frankincense resin and let me tell you, within 10 minutes I felt this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. It was weird but calming. So I turned off my burner and within another 10 minutes, I felt all pre-sickness feelings completely go away. I was still skeptical, however, it’s now been a full week and I haven’t felt any signs or symptoms of being sick.  

So the question is…was it nearly coincidence or did the frankincense really work for me? 

What are your thoughts? 

In the mean time, I’m a big fan of diffusing thieves or any blend that is close to it. I’m diffusing it all the time between lavender for sleep. 

Young Living
Also, even though I am signed up with Young Living which is a multi Level marketing company, I still enjoy oils from other companies such as Edens Garden and Plant Therapy. There are just some oils that don’t compare to Young Living and as far as ingestion, I won’t recommend it to anyone but I do use Young Living’s Vitality Line for my Grapefruit and Lemon oil to add to my drinking water.  

Breakfast Pizza Recipe

This looks delicious! 

Breakfast Pizza RecipeAnyone who knows me, knows how much I love pizza. Yes, that’s right. This dietitian loves pizza. Nice crispy bread, ooey gooey cheese, and amazing salty toppings. Although a regular pizza can be suitable for breakfast, I decided to give this one a breakfast-twist: add some eggs and you now have a breakfast pizza. Ingredients: 1 whole wheat pita […]

brunch, cheese, Foodie, breakfast, pizza, cooking, nutrition, Recipe

Breakfast Pizza Recipe

Who I am and Why I’m Here

I realize that this is a bit late in the game, as I’ve started this blog in August of 2016 but I want to share with you a bit more than what’s in my about section of

To start with, I want to tell you who I am and what I do and my roles in life and others that are in it. I am calm, I’m kind (most of the time).  I’m not a writer but I want to write and share with you some of my experiences during my 42 years of life.

My Chosen Career

I believe I was brought into this world to help others. As of right now, God wants me in nursing. Pediatric nursing specifically. Therefore, I’m a home health pediatric nurse of children with special needs. I love my job, and I love being able to be one on one to take care of my clients the way they need to be taken care of when their caretakers (grandmothers, mom’s, foster parents) are not able to because of work schedules, sleep schedules or just because a licensed nurse needs to be a primary caretaker in the home 16 hours a day.

My Loved ones

I have children that are all adults and one step-grandchild. I married a man that was married and divorced with three children before we went on to have two more. My husband and I married 16 years into our relationship and It was an inexpensive, quick, but especially sweet and memberal service at a military base a few days before he was deployed to Iraq. I will go into more detail in a future post.

What to expect from my post:

You will see unboxing photos, videos and descriptions as I love subscription services.

You will see a few recipes as I love easy to make, tasty dishes.

You will also see in the future some posts as I adventure into the benefits of essential oils.  I currently do not sell essential oils but I’ve fallen in love with them as I’ve explored aromatherapy of the past eight months. Selling maybe in my future though and I can not go a day without apply an oil topically or diffusing for it aroma benefits and I want to tell you why, one oil at a time.

Thank you so much for reading and I’m looking forward to your comments, and questions, along with learning a little more about you too.

~SuzyWineQ xoxo

Ipsy vs Birchbox November 2016

As of this day, November 15 2016, I received my 8th Birchbox and my 6th Ipsy.  And while they are both $10.00 a month, I’m going to do some comparisons.  My style profile for both is very basic, focusing more on hair as I’m not much “into” makeup. As a redhead, the more cleaner I keep it, the better. 

Here’s what I received with Birchbox…

Cute box and I always find a way to repurpose.  Let’s look inside …

First, the scent…

I don’t mind receiving fragrance samples from subscription services because I work in the healthcare field which means I can’t wear perfumes on a daily basis, this sample was okay but it reminded me of Avon’s Sweet Honesty. Yuck! But that’s my personal opinion. 


Phytodefrisant. This is a deluxe sample for me and kudos to Birch Box for it. From what I read, I can use this in my hair as an oil, and/or a moisturizer.  The scent is light which is a bonus and from the little bit I put in my hair, I do want to try this again. I’m excited to see what this gel can do.

Number three, …

A blush and a bronzer. I love the suttlesness of the colors and the bronzer showed up more like a highlighter on my “light” skin tone so I can hardly believe it’s considered a bronzer. 

Forth, a tinted eye cream. This was neat to receive even though dark circles are the least of my worries. First, I don’t know how to apply it correctly and second, when. When I apply this eye cream, it brings out my circles. Regular foundation does the trick for me, usually.  

Here’s a look at the tint.  Even though it’s really light…it’s not for me. 

Fifth, a mascara. 

I love receiving mascaras in my beauty sample subscriptions because this is one item I’m really picky about. I like to wear mascaras all the time because my eyelashes are all but blonde. And for that reason, my go to is Maybaline. Cheap, yet functional.and all I need to do is add extra layers for more drama. Plus Maybaline has Blue and Green colors. A nice twist to the traditional black plus the colors open and brighten the eyes. 

Now on to Ipsy… I’m shocked at how close these are this month. I love the makeup case though. It’s different from the others I received and it’s made from cloth( mostly) and not plastic.

Isn’t that bag neat? Plus there are two facemask which takes the amount of samples from five to six because there is a second one sealed to the one you can see. 

Every month, I trade out my make up bag in my purse for the one in my Ipsy and this one is sooooo neat. I’ll definitely be showing it off. 

That’s what’s inside. We talked a little about the mask so let’s move on to the next item. 

This is a face cream with a delicate scent and a bonus for me because I love anti aging and Light scented face creams. Heavily Scented creams seem to make my skin itchy as I am so scensitive to the stuff. 

This photo is in black and white because that’s how it showed up best.  I’m not a photographer. Anyway, this is an oil that can be used on hair and skin. At this point, I don’t know the ingredients but I loved applying this oil to my hair. The scent is, yet again, delicate and seamed to moisturize my hair perfectly as my hair is quite porous. 

Another black and white photo, I know, but I wanted to show the curve and the consistency of the brush. Here’s one side Ipsy and the other side birchbox below. 

I know what you’re thinking, the left side is better but I like the right for day to day use. However the right side is what I would go to for an evening look. By the way, this is one layer and the right side is from Ipsy (Mad Lash) and the left from Birchbox (Benefit) Neither was clumpy and I enjoyed applying them both. 
So there you have it. I’m sorry but this month, its close to a draw, and because Ipsy sent me products I’ve never heard of or used before, they get bonus points. But Birchbox scent me more of a “look” so I’m leaning more towards them. I love the Ipsy makup bag though. 

If you received both Ipsy and Birchbox for November, what did you get and which was your favorite?

eSalon Review. Warming my Highlights

Here is a video that shows the eSalon hair color process and the results when I told my stylist that I wanted to warm the highlights I put in my strawberry blonde hair this past spring. Let me know what you think and if you would be brave enough to try this hair color subscription service also.

Love that the instructions comes with a sticker to hang up on your wall or mirror to easily refer to as you color your hair. 

The photo below is my “chemistry” set complete with instructions. There were some add on’s I purchased this time and one add on was the Two of a Kind eyebrow makeup which matched perfectly with my hair. 

More add ons I purchased are pictured below. 

I haven’t used this travel set pictured below so I’m not sure how well it delivers according to description.

Below is a black microfiber hair towel claiming to be bleach and color resistant. I love this towel for the purpose of using it to dry my hair after my showers not just for coloring. 

Loved the clips during my color processing but didn’t use the timer, brush or dish. If you’ve watched my video, you’ll see that I should have. 

Okay, the hair spray below leaves a lot to be desired on both scent and strength of hold. I don’t recommend this product and if this is an indication of the travel set I bought, I won’t be happy with that either. 

Hope you enjoyed this review of eSalon. 

And while I was pleased with the results (pic below) I find coloring my hair at home an experience I can do without. It’s exhausting and messy and I didn’t get my scalp massaged during a good hair washing and conditioning. Yes, it was cheaper by far, but I’d much rather have someone else do this for me where I don’t have anything to clean up after. 


Pumpkin Spice Muffins

This recipe is easy as pie and my family loves these Fall Muffins. Add a little Cool Whip after cooling for a little extra deliciousness.

The ingredients…get your pen and paper!

Libby’s Pumpkin Pie Mix, Easy Pumpkin, 30 oz
But don’t add the milk or eggs!

And next, the secret Spice…

Use any brand of mix and spice cake.

Pour cake mix (don’t add any cake ingredients) into a bowl, add the pumpkin pie mix, then combine.

Pour into a greased muffin tin and bake according to directions on box for Muffins or until baked through.

That’s it! Oh and to add a little extra something, top your muffin with Cool Whip!

Happy Eating!

~SuzyWineQ xoxo

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