August Birchbox Time

It’s here, it’s here! I tell you what, this month I was super excited to receive my Birchbox and I knew exactly what was inside.  Birchbox was all about hair and more hair this month and it couldn’t of come at a better time since I’m currently looking for a leave-in and an oil that I will love for at least a little bit. On top of this months box I’ve chosen the Kinky Curly hair kit so that I can give even more products a try before purchasing full size. 

Birchbox is a subscription service that cost $10.00/month and auto renews until you cancel. They send five sample items ranging from nutrition, hair care, skin care, makeup and nails. Check out my very first Birchbox from April 2016 Here.  

Here’s my cool August box

This month I selected a featured box that included six products.

First the wipes. I love these facial and body wipes like I’ve never loved a facial wipe before, plus a 12 count for sample size was quite nice. My face felt clean, moisturized and there wasn’t a dry yet sticky felling left behind like I’ve experience with so many other facial wipes before. 

Next, Living Proof nourishing hair oil. The scent of this product was soft and not overly perfumey. My hair is curly and dry so I can always use more oil and moisture. This may be a full size purchase through the Birchbox store when this sample is gone. 

With three more products to go in this months featured Birchbox, I received another hair product that I was excited about. This is a spray leave-in with an amazing scent however after the first try on my hair, my scalp became itchy. This is because of my skin and scalp’s over sensitivity to heavy scented products and whatever else ingredient that seems to irritate me. This sample I will be passing along. 

Next is a nutritional supplement from Hum.  This green superfood powder tasted like Mint Chocolate Chip like the package indicates and I was pleasantly surprised as I’m not a fan of powdered nutritional supplements. 

On to the BB cream. I really liked this formula as it didn’t feel heavy on my face. The coverage was lacking for me and slightly dark for my skin tone however not near as dark as I thought it was going to be when initially squeezing it from the tube. Probably not a future purchase but I enjoyed this sample. 

Lastly, I received lip color from Stila. I was surprised how matte this became once drying on my lips. I will need to apply a moisture lip balm before using this product but I give the color and staying power two thumbs up. Nice size sample too. 

That’s it for my August Birchbox and I’m now in the process of deciding if I want the September featured box like this one where I knew all items I will be receiving or to chose to be surprised. Birchbox also has a third option where you get to chose one product and they select the other four. What will you be choosing as your September box? 


Trunk Club #2 HELP!!

Okay, so this is my 2nd Trunk club Shipment, but this is the first time bogging about it. If your not familiar with Trunk Club, it’s a style service that only charges you for the items you keep. Of course you have to have CC # on hand with them but unlike Stitch Fix, there is no styling fee.

When first signing up I had downloaded the app and my stylist instant messaged me almost immediately. After filling out a style profile on their app, she asked me a few basic questions to get to know more about me. I had let her know that I was in the process of revamping my closet and needed to obtain a lot of fashion staples. She then asked me if I had ever shopped at Nordstrom before and I answered very casually that “I never shop any particular place and I wasn’t sure” she then asked about my price point and I told her that I would like to keep items under $100 and I guess according to girl math this must mean $200.00 because, WOW! The items I received (most) were far over $100 bucks!

My First Trunk

In my first trunk, I received a lot of basics. Basic blacks, basic whites, booties, denims, jacket, tote, a bra and a $90.00 5 pack of thong underwear. I ended up keeping a navy tank and a black V neck Tee totaling $42.00. Much more then what I would spend on those items but hey, I loved them. In fact, that is how I rate the clothing I receive from styling services like Trunk Club, I either Hate, Like, or Love and I only consider the items I love.  I also don’t look at the prices of the pieces until after I’ve tried everything on.

Trunk #2

Now on to my 2nd Trunk. Here are the items I received. AND, I must say, significantly fewer items then my first.

Here’s Ranger checking out the box for me.

After his approval, I opened it up and found these items inside.

I loved these booties. The color, and the fit but I didn’t love the a$130.00 price tag. UPDATE:  I found booties very similar to these Here for $44.99 in size 7.5.  These booties will be found somewhere else for cheaper. Next,  And…a fall tote along with one bundle of clothes. I must say that my first box had two pair of shoes, a tote and two bundles of clothes.

And now for the Fashion show…


FRAME ‘Le Skinny de Jeanne’ Jeans Queensway. I Love, Love, Love these Jeans! BUT… $ 199.00. Really?? A hundred ninety-nine for a pair of denim? These jeans had me thinking about it, that’s for sure. NOT SURE (Let me fantasize for just a moment)

‘Cara’ Slub V Neck Tee in white $78.00. (My boobs look cute from this angle) The fabric on this shirt was sooo soft and I really wanted to love it, but when I turned around to look at the back…way too many bumps are showing. I like my tops to fit loose until I reach my weight goals and this fabric was too clingy in the back. RETURN!

Next, pic #3 & 4. MA1 Bomber Jacket $100.00. A. Not my style B. I believe if it was my style I can find something similar for less. C. It fit perfect. D. No way…Ehh! RETURN.

Finally, Besides the tote and two other items you won’t ever see me in. I received a Ballet Neck Cotton & Modal Knit Elbow Sleeve shirt $26.00. Now this might be the keeper and this shirt looked so good with those jeans… So sliming.

Next the items I won’t try on for you

While we all need a nude and black bra, I recently received an order from which I received a nude and black bra. Verdict: TOO LATE!

Overall, my stylist rocks and she couldn’t  of hit the nail on the head any perfect, however, the two items I loved ( the booties and the jeans ) totals a whopping $328.95! PASS!

The moral of the story is, “if you book them, they will come” and, my dear folks, I shouldn’t of booked them when my clothing budget has been maxed. I’ll try again in the Fall.

The Jewelry Box

Thanks to an email I receive on a daily basis, I get to learn and see reviews of all different kinds of subscription services and the latest I learned about and subscribed too is GlobeIn. Below are photos of the Jewelry Box I purchased and received in July 2016. As of today, this box is still available.

GlobeIn is a monthly subscription service with discounts if you subscribe to three or more months at a time. I’ve purchased the three month option for $114.00. This box I’m featuring is an add on for which I paid $50.00.  Here’s what’s inside…

  • The Duo ring retails for $25.00
  • Token Pendant Necklace $35.00
  • Wave Cuff $32.00
  • Crescent Stud Earrings $25.00
  • Palm Leaf Pouch $12.00
  • Cloth Pouch $?.??

All of which are made from brass and can be worn almost anywhere with anything.  I have very little everyday Jewelry in my box so I’m very happy to now have these items.  I also love the little pouch I can put the jewelry in for travel and a unique handmade basket to keep the items safe and secure. With a grand retail value of $129.00 I’d say $50.00 is quite a deal!
What do you think of my handmade jewelry box? Check out my blog on the first of three boxes I received from GlobeIn Here.

GlobeIn July Savour Box

July Savour Globe In

In case your not familiar with GlobeIn this is a subscription service of Artisan products released each month. Themed collections include 4-5 handcrafted items, specially created by artisans from around the world. Each item comes along with a printed story about the artisan who made it. Their goal is to “help you discover the world while empowering small producers in remote regions of the world.”

Here’s what I received in July’s Themed Savour Box

Included are hand painted Salt and Pepper Shakers $20.00 and a Ceramic Spoon Rest $18.00 from the Palestinian Territories. Such a unique design and although the photo doesn’t do the colors justice, there is a gorgeous mixture of blue and green.

Also included is a Neem Wood Spice Bowl $15.00 from India and includes a recipe for Garam Masala. I haven’t tried the recipe yet, but it’s added to my to do list as I love the art of Indian spice mixtures.

And lastly, for July, I chose a basket substitute $15.00 (below) made from leaves of the romblon plant. Inside the basket is a small sac of Ilocano Asin Sea Salt. This box also includes a booklet that explains the items in greater detail and tells a story of the people who make them

I am extremely pleased with this subscription and the products that were included in my first box. The Savour box was the first of my three month subscription which cost $114.00 and totals $38.00/box for me.

If you subscribe to Globe In what is your favorite item(s) you’ve received from them?

To learn more or to start your own subscription click Here

Here’s a review from another WordPress blogger who receives GlobeIn Gifts From Around the World with GlobeIn

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Some of you may remember my post from last month on GlobeIn. See my original post here.  I just recently received my second box for this month and I wanted to show you what was […]

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Back to Back Fixes

After much research and reviewing YouTube videos of several clothing subscriptions, I’ve decided to give Stitch Fix a try, and I haven’t regretted it one bit. I’m Currently on fix #9 since starting in May 2016.


The Service


This service has done wonders to my style and my closet.  Currently, I’m working on a closet clean out, replacing items I haven’t let go of in years and years.

If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, here is a link that describes in great detail about How Stitch Fix Works. Basically though, it’s a stylist service that sends five items to your home at the pace you want and you get to try them on in the comfort of your own home and in front of your own mirror. They charge a $20.00 styling fee which you can get back if you purchase at least one of the five items they send. If you buy all five you get a 25% discount on all the items, plus your styling fee back.

Items range from tops, bottoms, dresses, purses and shoes. Currently their size ranges are 0-14 but they are gearing up to offer plus sizes in 2017. More exciting news is that they will be starting Stitch Fix for Men in the Fall of 2016.

My Fix

Below are photos of my last two fixes. Sorry for the poor quality photos. I’ve requested Fall pieces and have my Pintrest board linked to my profile for inspiration to my stylist.

This fix was very casual and included jeans, three tops and a purse. I really liked the jeans but the distressing (not shown) on the front of them wasn’t really my style or wasn’t quite what I was looking for as I already have a pair similar. Verdict: Returned.  The green and white striped shirt was cute and fit me well but I didn’t love it. Returned. Brown plaid shirt was so soft, fit me perfectly and was flattering to my figure. Kept. Blue Paisley Blouse I thought I was gonna hate but ended up loving it after I put it on. Kept. Brown purse was my style, loves the pockets but one zipper was missing a handle. Returned. I could have contacted Customer Service about the purse and they would have sent me another one but I wasn’t in love with it enough.

Here are photos of my second Fall fix. These photo are from the app that show me what they are sending before I get the items.

I kept all five. After peeking at the items I really thought I wasn’t going to like anything but the jacket however when I saw them out of the box and tried them on, I loved them all. Don’t forget, I received a 25% discount for keeping all of them plus I got my styling fee back.

And This is Why

Again, I love this service as I despise shopping and trying on clothes in stores. It’s risk free and postage is paid both ways.

Tell me what you would like to see in my Stitch Fix blog.  More try-on’s, prices and descriptions? I’m all ears. 

I’ve Fallen In Love

Well, I can’t exactly say Love when it’s more like Lust. Lust Is what I feel when I’m waiting for another one to arrive at my doorstep. This addiction has occupied my mind. Big ones, little ones. It doesn’t matter and I can’t wait to see what’s inside. Yes, I’m talking about boxes. Subscription boxes and I just can’t seem to get enough.

This addiction all started in April 2016 with my first Birchbox. This beautiful box was designed by Rifle Paper Co and the contents inside were five wonderful samples of products from companies I more than likely never heard of before.

Perfect for trying new products, travel, and to add to your purse for on the go. If you’re not familiar with Birchbox, it’s a subscription service of beauty products for hair, skin, nails and sometimes nutrition. When signing up, you fill out a profile so they can taylor samples geared more towards the unique you.  The cost is $10.00/month which auto renews on the first of every month. You can cancel at anytime if you like and subscribe again whenever you like. Also, Birchbox allows you to review your samples to earn Birchbox points which you can use as money to buy full size products in their store.

Here’s a photo of my beautiful first box that arrived in April. The products inside are sample sizes of the photos seen and each box is tailored to your profile.

This first box I received sits on top of my dresser with some trinkets inside. I’ve repurpose all of my boxes or give them to my niece with items inside that I won’t have a use for. I also use my boxes to store my coveted Essential Oils.

If you’re a Birchbox subscriber, how do you repurpose your boxes?

This subscription is being purchased on my own. And the linked company websites have no part of my review.

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