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Stitch Fix Spring 2017

Come and Check out my Spring 2017 Stitch Fix.

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Stitch Fix #14 

Stitch Fix unboxing and tryon

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POPSUGAR. Fall 2016 Limited Edition Review

It was a glorious day in Mid September of 2016 and upon my doorstep were two subscription boxes. Yes, you read that right. Two subscription boxes came to me on the same exact day. So glad my husband wasn't home.  Nonetheless those two boxes were POPSUGAR and FabFitFun. It was like Christmas morning at the… Continue reading POPSUGAR. Fall 2016 Limited Edition Review


Stitch Fix for Men is Here! 

Stitch Fix for Men is here and just in time for Fall Fashion.   As soon as I received the notification that Stitch Fix for men was finally here, my 18 year old son and I filled out his style profile. I have to say, the style profile for men was extremely easy with lots of visuals.… Continue reading Stitch Fix for Men is Here! 

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Feedback to Stitch Fix

This post demonstrates how Stitch Fix obtains feedback on the items they send. The process is simple and helps improve future fixes. A little known secret is to click begin checkout to view what's arriving in your Fix Shirt # 1 Feedback. 41 Hawthorn Meera Split neck top. This print will be the first of… Continue reading Feedback to Stitch Fix